Our Crazy Weirdos

For me, that is a total compliment for my kiddos. As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving, as in it’s next week, I realized I should probably update. Ladies and gentleman, let me tell you, pregnancy brain is real. I can not even count the number of times I have walked over to do … Continue reading Our Crazy Weirdos


My crazy and amazing family. They certainly keep me on my toes. With the baby on the way, I’m sure it will only get crazier. Our little social butterfly, Bryn, continues to amaze us. She joined the Mini Poms cheerleading so I was able to go up and witness it myself. I always love how … Continue reading Outnumbered

Thinning the Flock

I have previously mentioned that, due to our new addition that will be showing up early next year, we took to selling some of our chickens. While it was an emotional process, I knew it was for the best. Lord knows I’ll be insanely exhausted after we bring home a newborn. I had raised each … Continue reading Thinning the Flock

Birthday Girls

My kiddos ended up coming home sooner than expected! Which meant we actually got to see Lana on the very day of her birthday. That’s pretty much a first for us. My parents were already planning to take us out to dinner so we kept the plans. Unfortunately, the kids were not really hungry. One … Continue reading Birthday Girls