Baby Time!

As previously promised, pictures of my sweet little darlings this week–which includes our new recruits! Six sweet, perfect, wonderful turkeys have joined our bunch. And rather unexpectedly since I made a trip to Big R and was simply informed “No more than 6!” That means that, although Troy was wholeheartedly against having any more animals … Continue reading Baby Time!

Real Winter Hits

Nearly a couple weeks ago now, REAL Midwestern winter hit us for the first time in a few years. So much snow came in about a week. Poor Lana missed quite a few of her cheerleading games due to her having the flu or school being cancelled. Her last game is on my birthday so … Continue reading Real Winter Hits

Girls Weekend!

Since O had to get signed up for baseball and he ended up coming down with the flu, it was just the girls last weekend. And it started off on a very bright and exciting note…cheerleading! The basketball game she cheered for, sadly, was a bit painful to watch but her cheering was great. They … Continue reading Girls Weekend!