From Dreams to Fruit Bushes

The big dream: many acres of land with a large log cabin home, orchard, winemaking, beer making, garden, huge fenced in areas for the dogs to run, and a barn full of animals–chickens, ducks, turkeys, maybe even a few pheasants or quail (separated from everything else), goats, sheep, horses, cows, bees, and maybe even pigs. … Continue reading From Dreams to Fruit Bushes

Chickie Babies

I have discovered within the past year, and particularly within the last 6 months, that Troy and I raise remarkably fat chickens. All of our year old chickens are between 6-10lbs. Not too shabby. Our little ones are not even all completely feathered and they’re already starting to look chunky. Since we have been on … Continue reading Chickie Babies


As previously mentioned, last year on Easter we planted our garden and I ended up with a tetanus scare due to a rusty nail going straight through my muck boot into the bottom of my foot, a sunburn, and feeling dehydrated. This year Bryn, the youngest daughter, and myself woke up with some kind of … Continue reading Easter