Attack of the Vampires

Living pretty much surrounded by woods is amazing. It’s a great sound barrier, tons of wildlife, peace and quiet, natural mulberry and walnut trees, and some gorgeous scenes that one thinks you may have to visit a wildlife park to see. But then? Mosquitoes! We are also directly across the street from the river which … Continue reading Attack of the Vampires

Sneaky Chickies

Success! We have received our first egg from a little one. While the fact that we received 5 red/brown eggs yesterday was a fairly obvious indicator, the size difference is also easily noticeable. We have also noticed 3 young chicks that have decided they enjoy sleeping outside. The first night I thought it was an … Continue reading Sneaky Chickies


It is now getting significantly easier to tell the roosters from the hens and by my counts we have approximately 8 roosters–5 barred rocks and 3 reds. Unfortunately the reds are a little more difficult to tell, on top of trying to count with 70 chickens milling about, so there may be more. And, oh … Continue reading Cock-A-Doodle-Done

Ollie Watch

I realized the other night as I sat on the couch trying to read while Oliver incessantly came up trying to nibble on me, the book, or just get into something he didn’t belong that it has been 3.5 years since I have last had to raise a tiny puppy on my own. Yes, it … Continue reading Ollie Watch