Homestead Thanksgiving

So another year’s Thanksgiving has come and gone and, while it was quite a bit smaller than usual, it was also quite relaxing. The basement girls have continued to make progress. All girls can officially open their eyes even if a couple prefer to have them closed for a portion of the day. In fact … Continue reading Homestead Thanksgiving

The Magnificent Seven

So two days after our discovery of this mysterious respiratory ailment harming our girls, the basement chicken room was prepped with a tote, straw, food and water and the seven girls with eyes swollen shut were brought into the house for quarantine. One Isa Brown simply had a lump on her lower eyelid that I … Continue reading The Magnificent Seven

Sicky Chickies

Never again will I say life feels mundane. Somehow within the past couple days, to our best guess some kind of disease is tearing through our flock wreaking havoc on our girls’ eyes. Poor Georgina’s eye is all matted up and looks worse than the others. At first Troy mentioned just one chicken and we … Continue reading Sicky Chickies

The Arrival of Autumn

Apparently my previous post stating that Autumn had come and was here to stay was not quite accurate since this week has been sunny and in the 70s again. With the fluctuating temperatures and all the rain, it almost feels more like Spring then Fall. Nonetheless, our preparations for Winter continue and we spent the … Continue reading The Arrival of Autumn