Surprises, Celebration and Sadness

As always, we continue to grow and expand! As you can see the numerous tomatoes we “downsized” to are growing ever bigger. A few big storms and a few days of simple rainfall helped immensely. The last few really hot days, and the next couple coming up, are going to force us to bring out … Continue reading Surprises, Celebration and Sadness

We Are Turkey-tastic!

Our two little turkey survivors are doing wonderfully! And they are not so little anymore. They are finally feeling more comfortable leaving their little shack and, this week especially, have been venturing out more often. I especially enjoy how social these turkeys seem to be. You go up near the turkey pen and yell “Turkeys! … Continue reading We Are Turkey-tastic!

Moving On Out

Memorial Day weekend in Milford–my new partial home where I spend approximately one half of my life. They put on an amazing mini-street fair complete with garage sales, elephant ears, carnival rides, and pony rides for one whole day–totally free! Well, the entertainment is at least. Lana, Oren, Troy, Jane (Troy’s mom), and I all … Continue reading Moving On Out