Getting Bigger

No matter how old my children seem to get, a good park always seems to put a smile on their faces. Particularly a brand new park. Since I bombed the first Easter egg hunt last weekend by showing up on time…which means everything was already gone. But the promise of a new park along with … Continue reading Getting Bigger

One On One Time

I love all of my children dearly, no doubt about it. But sometimes it is nice to simply get some special, one-on-one time with your kid. Last weekend was Lana’s choice. Since Lana has been asking for a long time and Oren just recently started asking again, most likely because of baseball, we decided it … Continue reading One On One Time

Baby Time!

As previously promised, pictures of my sweet little darlings this week–which includes our new recruits! Six sweet, perfect, wonderful turkeys have joined our bunch. And rather unexpectedly since I made a trip to Big R and was simply informed “No more than 6!” That means that, although Troy was wholeheartedly against having any more animals … Continue reading Baby Time!