You’re Killing Me, Smalls

Our son came home! Though remarkably uneventful, it did my soul good to have at least one kid home again. Two weeks is just too much. Last week seemed to drag on and take forever. My levels of exhaustion were high. My depression was high. My anxiety was worsening. And then, just like magic, my … Continue reading You’re Killing Me, Smalls

Adventures In Nature

Last week was mostly cold. It snowed a little bit again. Everyone I know of in northern Indiana is just really ready for spring to officially start. Despite the cold weather, Troy and I ventured out for our first overnight backpacking trip and grownup getaway weekend. Although we had originally planned to go north, the … Continue reading Adventures In Nature

Happy Easter!

Joy and happiness abounds–the babies have moved out to the barn! In fact, my husband surprised me by getting it all ready even earlier than expected so we were able to move them out before the weekend. The little ones just keep on growing and are beginning to feather out a bit more. Fudgie is … Continue reading Happy Easter!