When Stressing….Look To The Animals

NOTE: To anyone who hasn’t yet noticed, this blog has become more and more personal. I have decided that it will not only cover the farming aspect of our lives but also our family and my personal journey into wellness. It is all inter-connected after all. The past couple weeks have been difficult, and that’s … Continue reading When Stressing….Look To The Animals

Batter Up!

Last week seemed to be all about baseball. I went up and watched Oren’s game on Friday and brought the kids home afterward. The game was lousy. None of the boys had their heads or their hearts in it and it was painful to watch. It was a little odd without Troy there, but we … Continue reading Batter Up!

A Weekend Of Birthdays

This last week was….busy. So busy. It was a slow week at work for me. My assignments that were due were already done and I was at the research, wait and set up meetings stage for my future assignments. Therefore, the week felt like it took forever! However, productivity did occur. We are still in … Continue reading A Weekend Of Birthdays