Unicorns and Rainbows

Well last week involved more wild and crazy adventures with the family. And anyone who has paid attention to my family can guess EXACTLY who that title refers to. Friday evening we celebrated the girls’ birthdays with family and a small cookout at the park. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed cupcakes and peaches and hot dogs and … Continue reading Unicorns and Rainbows

Thinning the Flock

I have previously mentioned that, due to our new addition that will be showing up early next year, we took to selling some of our chickens. While it was an emotional process, I knew it was for the best. Lord knows I’ll be insanely exhausted after we bring home a newborn. I had raised each … Continue reading Thinning the Flock

Birthday Girls

My kiddos ended up coming home sooner than expected! Which meant we actually got to see Lana on the very day of her birthday. That’s pretty much a first for us. My parents were already planning to take us out to dinner so we kept the plans. Unfortunately, the kids were not really hungry. One … Continue reading Birthday Girls