End of the Year

Growing season was over. All the vegetables were picked and either eaten or frozen. Lesson learned. Tomatoes need to be canned, not frozen. When defrosting they just become mushy tomatoes. However, they are a wonderful treat for chickens in the middle of winter. We began hoarding our chichen and duck eggs. While we were getting … Continue reading End of the Year

Tis the Season

I don’t know whether it was the chicken poop and pine shavings or beginner’s luck or if we just happened to be good at it, but our garden really started to take off. We had one major setback as well as a realization as to why people in northern Indiana tend to not plant their … Continue reading Tis the Season

Our First Garden

With Easter 2015 quickly approaching, coming early on April 5th this year, we have plans to spend the day with the kids, have dinner with family, and my first ever attempt at putting together some Easter baskets. Due to a carefully planned rare moment, he and I both have the holiday off. We are looking … Continue reading Our First Garden

Love and Loss

We had done so well at taking care of these small, defenseless creatures. I had become far more attached to them than I knew I should. Troy’s oldest daughter, Lana, and I had even begun naming some chickens. Besides baby Bill/Billi we were holding off on naming the ducks since it would still be a … Continue reading Love and Loss

The Coop

As mentioned in my first post, the coop was the next big project. Note to self: NEVER begin a big project, like caring for 26 small creatures, without a home for them to live in or the funds to make one. Nevertheless, we made it work as somehow we always do. We saved up what … Continue reading The Coop